Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bird Homes

We finally took the kids to Home Depot to do their kids crafts on the first Saturday of the month. This month was bird houses and the kids had such a great time making them. We made Grant's at Home Depot and the others later at home. Here is Sandra helping nail in the nails. She did good, but not much power behind her hammering :).

We figured that after putting them together we would let the kids paint them too. Well that was a good idea, but not enough time for the paint that night. We turned it into our Family Home Evening for that Monday night.
So the topic was what makes a strong house. Then we talked about what a home is. It was fun to see them learning that when we are nice and love each other that makes our house a home. Then they got to paint their bird houses (to make them into homes)! Here are some fun photos of the project!

Grant likes green :)

Talmage chose primary colors . . . too cute!

Here are the finished fronts. Can you tell Sandra likes pink and purple? We could've let the different colors dry so they didn't smear so much, but then it wouldn't look like the kids did it. The parents did help, but still totally the kids creations.

From this view you can see the blue on Talmage's bird house :). Now our birds can have their own homes instead of building homes in our eaves. That was another perk to getting birdhouses.

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Aubrey said...

I'm glad you guys went and did the project thing! Of course, we had to buy birdseed, and now we have 3 birdhouses nailed to our back fence. And, as a bonus, the kids like to sit in the window and watch the birds. So cute! I love the painting job!