Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer sports

So this is a little late in the making, but better late than never. The boys did some classes at the rec center this summer. We started out with basketball and then went right into soccer. It was a nice introduction to the sports and gave our kids a good opportunity to get better at their skills. There were plenty of fun ladies (mostly from the ward) to hang out with during that time so that made it even more enjoyable for me. There are things I would've liked to have been done differently (teachers etc), but overall the kids had a great time.

Here is Talmage with his basketball. He thought he was really good! It helps that he was the oldest in the class by over a year!

Yeah soccer! Here they are lined up waiting to make a goal. Both boys were really good at each sport, but I think that soccer and Grant go well together!


Oh and our little Chica (Sandra). She had to sit and watch every time they had a class (because I was too cheap to leave and pay the gas for just a 45 min class, better to sit and wait for them to be done). She really wanted to play basketball and soccer. The last couple of times I let her play with a soccer ball for a little bit, out of the way. She loved it. She was more enthusiastic about soccer than any of the kids that were actually signed up! One day she'll get her turn. For now, Mommy is glad it's over and that there is nothing big going on for schedules right now. Who knew that doing one class a week could wear you out?

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