Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Look, we actually did something Texan :). We went to the Stockyards on the 4th as a family. They do a running of the bulls, or rather, walking of the steers daily. It was neat to see and I think the kids liked seeing the steers up close!

Here are the older kids enjoying some cute kid chairs along the walkway in front of the shops.

They also do a gun show with actors. I had to tour more shops with Mhari so she wouldn't cry the whole time (loud noises and cranky babies don't mix well). They looked pretty cool from what I saw. I don't think the kids liked the loud guns (blanks) though.

At the end of walking up and down the shops and restaurant area we were hot and ready for naps, but glad we got to see the Stockyards. Definitely something to go back and visit again sometime!

That afternoon Jeff went "swimming" with the kids. We blew up the kiddie pool this week and the kids have enjoyed spending some time in the afternoon cooling off in it. After dinner and some yummy 4th of July cupcakes (thanks melissa) we watched a movie together and ate popcorn. We even let the kids stay up late and watch the fireworks, on tv :). So much less hassle than driving forever and sitting outside with bugs, heat, and traffic just for 10 min of fireworks! It was a nice holiday and what a great day to enjoy being together.
It was the first time that we explained about the 4th of July to the kids too. What great opportunities to start family traditions and teach about our heritage and country!

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