Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yes, she is finally crawling at almost 8 months of age! She has been scooting a little and last week she started army crawling, but today, yes today she has crawled across the room. Look at her very focused...

She has come a long way now!

It is strange to me because this is the longest any of my children have taken to accomplish this skill. No, it is not her weight that holds her back (Grant was just as big and was crawling at 6 months and walking by 9!), it is her motivation. You can see here why she was so motivated... the cord! Talmage was playing with her and slowly dragging the cord just out of her reach. It definitely did the trick.

She is being happy here... waving her arms and making cute baby talk noises! I figured that if we used a cord, Mommy, or the computer she would figure it out. Those are her favorite things :). I think the baby toys are not marketed for the right age group... Talmage, Grant and Sandra prefer her toys over their own!
I guess now I have to watch out for the stairs and anything else she can figure out how to get into. It is funny to me that we spend so much time wanting our children to progress and then figuring out how to deal with them once they do!


Rice Family said...

Yeah for Mhari!! The cord did the trick, but now you're going to have to watch out for all the other cords in the house that she's going to crawl towards now! Oh, the FUN has just begun!

randivon said...

You redid your blog... it looks nice. I like it!
And way to go Mhari. Mary never crawled... so I am impressed when babies do at any stage. It is great that she has older siblings to help her out. :-)

Williams Family said...

Watch out! It is always exciting when they crawl, and a little sad that they are now EVERYWHERE.