Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Second Graduate!

Talmage has graduated from Kindergarten! He has done so well in school! He was friends with everyone in his class and was so good for his teachers! The year has gone by so fast! The program was very sweet. They sang a song at the end about being flowers in life's garden. It was too cute. We took some pics of some of his friends - if you notice they are all girls (well, his class was mostly girls too!)

Here he is walking across the stage and shaking the vice principle's hand.

Daddy and Talmage

Mommy and Talmage

Talmage and Jamie

Talmage and Brooklyn

Talmage and Kailyn

Talmage and Hannah - they were carpool friends!

Talmage and Miss Slemons. He also had Mrs. Richey, and Miss Kieser during the year.

Talmage is a great kid!! He is very excited for 1st grade! They grow up so fast!


Machelle said...

Good job Talmage!! Have a great summer.

The Gee Six said...

Oh, you are going to have to watch out for that one. All those cute girls . . . Way to go Talmage!


What cute kids. Way to go Talmage and Grant. I love their little graduation ceremonies that the schools put on, it really makes the kids feel special!

nellsq said...

I love all those girls. That is awesome and only in kindergarten! Better watch out!