Monday, June 15, 2009

Size and stuff

Two funny "little" stories ~

One day last week we went to collect eggs and the kids said there was a small blue egg. I didn't think much of it until I actually saw the egg!? What happened to that henny? It is as big as a large grape! It sounds like a real egg when I shook it, but I've yet to crack it open. Crazy!

Also last week the kids found an inch worm on Sandra's dress. It was really cute. It wriggled around - the kids loved it! We took it back outside to live. Well, today Talmage found another inch worm. This one however was so tiny!!! Can you even see it on his wrist? It's the tiny line, you might need to enlarge the photo! It was just as cute, but seriously small!

The kids just love the cement patio! They ride their scooters back and forth. They do running races too! Jeff and I have enjoyed sitting outside on it and watching the kids play. What a great thing to have!
Grant and Talmage riding!

Mhari was not to be forgotten in the fun! She is in the middle of the action (a casualty sometimes) with her lawnmower toy! Great fun outside!

We had some storms last week. One of the nights when we just missed one of the storms this is what the clouds looked like. Crazy! One of the kids (Grant?) said it looked like marshmallows. It kind of did. I think it looked like snowballs or something. It was hard not to just stare at the strange clouds. The circles were too perfect and right on top of each other - just so unreal! God's creations are amazing!



Did you see Shannon's Super Giant Worm?

randivon said...

I am glad you got a picture of those clouds. I was up in the area on Saturday and saw them as I was driving... they were so super weird but I did not have a camera.
And, I am super impressed with your cement pad and the men that came and helped. My in-laws just had cement poured at their house (about 2 1/2 times as much as you all did) and it cost them about $5K. Yeah... doing it yourself (if you can figure out how... even with all the bobbles) seems to be the way to go. :-)

J and C said...

Those little inch worms remind me of Sesame Street. Those eggs are funny, hopefully a Robin didn't get confussed and lay it with the others!

Mother of 4, Caregiver of 8 said...

You grow little things in your yard and I grow big things in mine.

Machelle said...

How fun, You always have the best stories. And I have good news. my surprise will be here tomorrow earlier than expected. shhh