Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas

I think Christmas is always crazy. Maybe it's because we have so many birthdays in December. This year seemed to come up a little faster because of Jeff's graduation and family coming to town. I'm glad we were able to get the stuff done that we wanted and the kids had a great time.

For our family tradition we all trade names and have to make that person a Christmas present. Here is how it all turned out:

Mhari had Talmage and she wanted to do something with a T so we made him a book mark. Mhari did all the coloring (the back is teal) all by herself :)
Clark had Grant. Well, his skill levels aren't up to making presents yet so I helped a lot. We made Grant a bookmark with his G and Clark helped by decorating it with his foot prints :)

Sandra had Mhari and I had Sandra. The girls got necklaces and bracelets. I had to do Sandra's while she wasn't around to see it. They both loved their jewelry :)

Talmage had Clark and I helped him make a ball for him. It turned out pretty well, and Clark enjoyed chewing on it :)

Grant had Jeff and so he decorated a tie for him. It says "You are the best Dad Ever!" He wore it to church on Sunday (under his sweater vest ... I think he should wear it again).

Um, well, Jeff had me. I asked for a necklace holder and he has plans on how to make it. Let's just say that with bar prep I have not received a gift. I may have gotten it on Christmas if Home Depot hadn't closed early... what's up with that? Now who knows when it will get done since studying seems to take all of his mental focus.

Anyways, onto the kid presents.
All the kids got pillow pets from grandma and grandpa. I made them all I spy bags and the girls handbags and the boys got marshmallow shooters (not pictured since home depot was closed it was a delayed present). Of course there were presents from grandparents and cousins too.
Mhari :)




The girls got Barbie cars and they had fun driving their animals around in them :)

Talmage put the pillow pets on his legs and one on his arm... he said he was a Transformer :)
It was a nice day to spend with our family. The kids really had a great time. I'm glad they are still innocent and have such joy with their presents! That really makes the holiday special :)

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