Friday, December 3, 2010

Punch Bowl or Cereal Bowl?

A few years back we received some great gifts. One was a beautiful punch bowl. The other that I'm going to talk about was a set of breakfast bowls. Now, I'm going to use these 2 bowls as an analogy...

When we start out in a relationship we like to focus on all the pretty stuff - you know... looking good, smelling good, taking care of the other person and keeping them happy.

It is a beautiful thing to see love blossom and become a permanent thing - Marriage :)

Then, the years go by and we have a few kids... we start to really appreciate the cereal bowl stage. It is really handy, you use it every day, even if it's starting to crack and the picture on it fades you will use it until it's broken. Really, it fills your needs every morning and you appreciate what it does for you :)

A nice close up of the cracks... again, it still works, but the years are starting to show.

I think our love starts out as the beautiful punch bowl - pretty, delicate, but often not tested and used. Then we may enter into a cereal bowl stage... where we are around to fulfill the needs and the wear may take it's toll, but you still love it all the same, even if it's not as pretty as it used to be.
I want to say Happy Anniversary to my Hunny! It's been 10 years and I am grateful for the wonderful man I married. He is a hard worker, a great father, and a good friend who pushes me to be better, even when it's hard. I really admire who he is and who he's becoming! I love you!
I do miss the days of the punch bowl marriage... however I feel we are in a much more durable time being used all of the time - cereal bowl. Everyday we take care of our family and our kids and do what we need to build our family in the gospel. Yes, it can be hard. Sure it may cause stress and cracks... but we are here to be tested, not just pretty.
Ideally I would love to have a beautiful punch bowl and a cereal bowl marriage... that's coming I think, just more work to get there. You would think after 10 years we would have it all down, but I think that's why we have eternity!
Here's some fun stuff to enjoy ~
I surprised Jeff with signs after he dropped off the kids at school.

Here we are at the beginning - punch bowl days. Honestly I still think we look like this. Unfortunately I guess after 10 years it's just not true anymore. He's still just as handsome :)

I'm grateful for our cute little family. I think that's what means the most to me and that all started 10 years ago in the Mesa Arizona Temple with some very special promises we made to each other!

Luvu Hunny!

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Congrats to you two!