Saturday, November 10, 2012


Our family has doubled (by children) since we have moved to our home in Texas.  It doesn't seem that long ago, yet over 6 years has gone by.  Jeff is in a new job market and so our desire to be more accessible throughout the DFW area is more important.  We have been house hunting for over a year, but have yet to find something that was right.  One of our big requirements in a home is large bedrooms.  We have three boys and three girls and we want them to share their rooms.  It's not an easy task to fit three kids per room, with beds, dressers, and misc stuff.  Finding one extra room that is large isn't usually a problem, but two large bedroom as well as a master is very tricky indeed.  The other important factors were a large enough dining area for our whole family as well as large living areas to hang out together in.  Needless to say we really don't want to feel cramped.  

Jeff's coworker had told him about Mansfield, a town south of Arlington centrally located in DFW.  We finally took a look online and found lots of different home options in a decent price range.  We took a trip out on a Saturday, met up with the realtor and looked at houses.  We found one that was really interesting to us.  It is on a could-a-sac and right by Joe Pool Lake.  We want space for the kids outside, yet not necessarily a large yard that we have to maintain (Jeff has allergies so mowing is a pain for him).  The best part about this house is the room sizes!  Seriously the smallest room is 13X14!  It is a 5 bedroom house so that also gives us lots of room to enjoy.  The other pluses that we get to enjoy are a library (previously a media type room), office, craft/sewing room, and extra guest room!

We will be closing on the house in mid December and will be moved in before Christmas.  It's going to be a busy holiday season.  Now to get our house cleaned out, packed up, and ready to move.  Oh, and let's not forget trying to sell or rent the one we are in now.  Crazy, busy times are ahead of us!

Here are a few pictures of the home that we got off the listing :)

The pretty garage doors and main front of the house.  

Front porch and landscaping

looking down onto the family room and kitchen nook area

The best front view we could find... taken from Bing.

The kitchen

The backyard

More of the front landscaping

Yay for big changes!  We are ready to have some more space, but will miss our friends on the west side of Forth Worth!


Shay said...

Wow! Congrats Sharla! It is beautiful! What a great blessing for your family. We miss you guys.

LaDawn said...

Sooooo BEAUTIFUL!! yay,yay, yay. I'm so excited for you guys and it's by a lake too:). You guys deserve this, I'm so happy for you!