Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Out here in Texas the kids get a whole week off for Thanksgiving.  It is nice to hang out and not have to get out the door early.  The kids spent their time playing and loved everyday.  We got together with some friends the first couple of days so that was great too.  Here are just a few pictures of what the kids do to keep themselves busy.

Clark feeding his baby doll.  I just love how good Clark is with Lorna.  He loves babies ;)

Lorna loves to be up!  She would prefer moving, but the saucer works too

The kids had fun making books:

Mhari and Clark



Oh, and there was lots of reading to be done.  Talmage spent a lot of time with his books.

We did a few house projects since we are trying to sell our home.  We also had several showings.  Nothing has become official but it was very exciting to have a lot of interest! 
Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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