Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The kids love playing outside.  It has been such a mild winter that they have really enjoyed the freedom to play outside.  We don't have a lot of kid friendly toys, but they find plenty of stuff to play with :)

Recently when I went out I found that the kids had been creating forts.  It was fun to see what they had created.  

Grant inside his fort.  He used lots of the folding chairs and even had a door to go in and out.  

Mhari had to show off her muscles.  Not bad Punkin, not bad ;).

Talmage and the girls used a tarp to create their fort.  It looked more like a leaning teepee.  

The inside of the fort

Clark likes his picture taken too... even though he's not smiling ;)

Chica was cooking.  Wonder what was on the menu.

Mommy and Lorna.  Always fun to get a picture with my baby.  It is fun to have the girls wear the same dress over the years.  I made this with the bandanna when Sandra was a baby.  

You never know what you will find when you go outside.  Usually lots of fun and stuff not where it belongs.  Why clean it up if you are going to use it, right?

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