Friday, February 22, 2013

Getting Settled

We have been in our new home for just over 3 weeks.  We have been trying to organize and decorate as we unpack so that it is all put together.  I have upstairs stuff done too, but no good photos so today I'll update what's done downstairs :).  

This is our front entry and living room.  We are still going to get furniture for this room.  We did hang the circle lamp in the corner :)

We also put this cubbie hole unit on the side wall to hold knickknacks. It will be nice when we have this room finished.

This is the formal dining room - connected to the formal living room.  We got a rug to go under our table.and we hung up our Scotland blanket and added Jeff's parent's blanket (they got it from a lady on Jeff's mission, same as ours, and they hadn't ever used it so we asked if they would give it to us).  

I also made a table runner from one of my kilts that I never wear.  I think it turned out nice.

The kitchen.  Nothing too new that we did, but I do enjoy my kitchen :)

The nook behind the kitchen... we got a table to go here as well as the rug for under it.  I also made a runner for this table.  This is where the kids can do their crafts etc, instead of on the nice dining table.

From the nook you look into the family room.  We finally have everything pretty set.  We got the rug to go under the furniture.

Hung up more pictures

Even have a side table thing with a small tv that we will show family photos on.  This is looking back toward the front living room.

The fireplace.  We want a plant to go in the corner and will hang a few more pictures, but it is really starting to feel like we live here now!

 We really have been enjoying our new home and all of our extra space!

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JandA said...

Your new house looks lovely! So happy for you guys!