Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Tree

My sister-in-law asked me to paint a tree on her wall in her living room.  It has been a while since I've done any art projects, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to help her out. We talked about what she wanted and looked through pinterest for ideas.  Then day came to paint the tree...

This was the wall originally.  We were still deciding on which corner to use so the bookshelf had been unloaded.  We used the one on the right.  I penciled the tree onto the wall to get spacing and then we started filling it in with the grey.

Here is the first layer.  The branches are all outlined and it's all the base color.

The next step was adding highlights.  

Once the highlights were there I added in the shadowing and really tried to make the tree feel more 3 dimensional with the highlights and shadows.  I think it turned out well :).

Tiffany later added their family names (which I had made for them several years ago), and family pictures.  I love the way it turned out!  They will keep adding photos to it too!  It was a fun project!

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