Friday, October 10, 2014

Texans and the Civil War!

A group of us headed out to Fort Worth to the Civil War Museum!  It was a great way to spend our Friday!  It was great to learn so much about the Civil War and see such cool stuff!  We had a group of about 30 kids and 10 adults. 

Here are all of the kids outside in front of the huge cannon.

One of the reenactment soldiers did a demonstration before we entered.  We got to hear one of the guns being fired!  It was pretty cool (and super loud)!

We had a clothing lesson.  The lady talked about cotton and the war.  She then went over the dress of the day.  I got to go up and demonstrate the corset :)

I think this could be a good way to help me with my posture, not just my figure ;)

Three of the girls got to demonstrate the other outfits.  Alex wore a typical traveling dress.  Ashley is in a working dress and Rebecca in a warm cloak.  It is interesting to see how far clothing has come.  

Here the men are showing off the soldiers clothing, equipment, supplies, and weapons.  

The kids liked the weapons the best :)

What they would have had in their satchels. 

Some of the old Confederate Flags

These were battle flags, not the Confederate national flag.  Each unit had thier own and would make it unique with their name and such on it.  

Ulysses S. Grant's sword.

Enjoying the exhibits

Cannons :)

Tiffany and Owen 

Talmage and Grant

The beautiful Victorian Dresses :)

Tiffany's favorite ;)

Mandy modelling an Abraham Lincoln beard :)

I'm so glad we went.  The kids really seemed to learn a lot and to get excited about history :)

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