Friday, October 10, 2014

National Night Out

We had a great National Night Out.  Our neighborhood did a big get together and we had a blast with a petting zoo, bounce houses, and fun games! Check out the fun ;)

Oh, and since it hasn't been posted yet here is an update on Mhari with her second lost tooth!  (9-24-14)  She got this one out all by herself too!

The cute little petting zoo!  The animals were so fun!  There was a donkey, ducks, goats, sheep, bunnies, and piglets!

Chica with the donkey

Grant and the piggy

Talmage and a little piggy

Clark loved them, butg wasn't brave enough to pick them up :)

Lorna loving the bunnies... or Foofoo's as she calls them :)

Daddy finallyg to to hold a piggy!  Sharing it with clark :)


So Cute!!

After the petting zoo we did bounce houses.  Oh, and then there was a pickle eating contest for the kids.  Grant participated ... but those were some big pickles and he didn't finish it.

Then there was the egg race.  Sandra's group all set.

She dropped her egg ;(

Talmage's turn...

Run Talmage Run!

Here he comes. 

He did so great!  He stayed calm and quick and won!  His prize was a $10 gift card to McDonalds :)

They did drawings for the families that came and we won a gift card to Kroger!  Our night was spent eating and playing in bounce houses and on the soccer field.  It was a fun night!  Happy National Night Out!

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