Saturday, September 20, 2014

Super Cancer Fighters!

Our friend, Lindsay Clay, has breast cancer.  She has been treated and was supposedly in remission until a couple of months ago when they found cancer in her spine and was given a 3 year time frame to live :/.  Lindsay has been through so much and is an awesome lady.  She fights hard, hangs in there and has a great attitude.  Our friends Brittanie and Emily put together a surprise party for Lindsay to celebrate her and help lift her up for the struggles ahead!
I was glad I got to go hang out with these ladies, even though we moved away from our Fort Worth friends a year and a half ago.  It was great to be there for Lindsay and bond with her again too!  I miss the days of hanging out and doing our Primary stuff together!
We each made a fun mask and made up a super hero name.  Then there was a photo booth set up for us to take fun pictures in.  Here are a sample of the photos!
Here is Sandy, Lindsay and me ;)
 Me and Sarah
The whole strong group of super hero ladies!
Emily, Lindsay, Brittanie, and me :)
When we were in primary together Lindsay would draw people on my toes... and I would do it to her and such.  We had a great time.  I figured she needed some super hero toes to help kick cancer's butt for good! 
Close up!
Brittanie has a hedgehog for a pet... I just couldn't resist getting a picture with her... HedgelinaJolie :)

With a prognosis of 3 years at the most to live we hope that miracles can happen and Lindsay gets to spend lots of years here with us and her sweet family!

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