Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time to make the Donuts!

I have this memory of being little and my parents making homemade donuts.  Now, I don't have a good memory and only certain things seem to stick from growing up, and this was one of those memories.  I don't remember if we did it often or not, but the idea of making our own homemade donuts was amazing to me!  Plus they tasted really good! 

I have seen a recipe in my handy cook book for many years, but never had enough nerve to try it... until last Sunday!  I looked it over and decided that I could do it!  I knew it might all turn out very badly because it was my first time, but if I never tried I would never learn how to do it better, right?  

After making the dough and letting it cool in the fridge for 2 hours (probably the hardest part) I was ready to go!  

I rolled out the dough and used my biscuit cutter to cut out my donut circles.  To make the donut holes I used a water bottle cap for a cutter.  It worked pretty well.  I can not say that they were not the most visually attractive donuts I have ever seen... but what really matters is whether they taste good or not!

It was then time to put the donuts in the hot oil and fry them.  Talmage saw how I was cooking them and made a very good realization:  Donuts really are not good for you!  
He just thought everyone said they weren't good because they were sweet, but now he also knows they are fried in oil... maybe not helping the donut on it's healthy points ;).  

After they cooled for a few minutes I dunked the tops of them in a glaze sauce and let it rest on the cooling racks again.  the glaze then dripped down covering most of the donut ;).  

Let the tasting begin!  




Some of the first ones were a little doughy in the middle so I cooked the rest longer.  They really did turn out well!  They were best fresh off the cooling rack, but still tasted good the next day.  Jeff ate some and liked them.  He said that we should make these more often!  That must mean they were good!!!  Looks like it will be "time to make the donuts" more often around here :)

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