Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Recess Time!

Recess is easily my favorite part of our homeschool day!  It could be because I don't have to teach anything, grade anything, or correct what the child is learning (in general).  Or maybe it's because I get to go outside, ride my bike, shoot hoops, kick the soccer ball and even throw a football... but it's so much more than that!  I love recess because I get to enjoy my kids being kids!  They love riding their bikes these days and it's so great to have so much space for them to ride and get energy out in the middle of our day.  It is great to see the kids interact and love being friends with each other!  

Really though, I love recess because I am spending such great time with my kids!  I love that I am involved outside with them!  I am usually kicking a soccer ball and throwing a football at the same time to different children!  Even riding my bike is fun because they are all out riding their bikes too.  I think just knowing how fast they are growing and will be gone really makes me appreciate this time together.  I know that I don't make myself go out and play with the kids so recess time is great for me!  

One of my favorite activities is throwing the football.  Talmage will bring the football out and start throwing with me.  I'm sure one day it won't be cool to throw a football with your mom, but until then I will keep throwing and doing running plays with him.  Grant usually joins in after not too long and that is always great!  I love that I can hang with my boys!  If Jeff makes it outside he usually joins in too :).  It is great to be part of these memories with our kids!




Grant... too fast for my phone camera!

Lorna... taking care of the basketballs :)

Mhari riding


Yay for Recess!

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