Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tickle Time!

As a family we love to cuddle, climb, and wrestle with each other.... OK, so maybe that's what the kids like to do :).  They are bigger these days so Jeff doesn't do some of the crazy things he used to do - like be a bull.  It doesn't really stop the kids though.  Sandra is almost always the one to start it.  She is a great little koala when riding on the back of Jeff.  I don't blame her for still trying to hang on to the days of riding on her daddy's back ;).  It usually just turns into a big tickle fest.  That's really the best part anyway!

Here they are all ganging  up on Daddy!  Mhari, Grant, Sandra and Clark

Daddy ticking the girls 

Talmage had found a book and was nearby, but not participating...

Until his brothers got involved ;)

I was enjoying being the photographer.  It just happened that Daddy decided I needed in on the fun and sent the little ones to attack me ... 

I'm in there somewhere ;)

The only picture you can see me is blurry... but it's proof I was surviving the tickle war!

More Daddy Time!

The older boys 

It's sometimes the little things like this that end up being the best memories ;)

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