Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Learning to Ride!

The kids discovered their bikes this week ;).  It seemed like all of the bikes needed to adjust the seat and handlebars... man they just keep growing!  Then there is the issue of flat tires and bike maintenance.  Oh the joys of bikes.  
Mhari has been using training wheels forever and I could tell she was doing well enough to ride without training wheels so I told her she needed to try to learn.  She responded that she couldn't and that seemed like that.  I figured I would help her maybe over the weekend so I didn't push it.  Later that day I saw Sandra outside working with Mhari on her bike.  I thought it was cute, but didn't think much about it.  

Later that day Sandra was so excited to show me her surprise.  She and Grant had taught Mhari to ride her bike all by themselves!  They had to work together and help Mhari get over her fears.  Sandra and Grant gave her lots of advice and Sandra ran by Mhari while she was on the bike.  

Honestly the whole thing makes me so happy.  I love that Sandra took initiative to teach her sister.  I love that Sandra and Grant worked together.  I love that Mhari listened and learned from her older siblings.  This was a great bonding time for them and I am still smiling about it!  

Here are the photos of Mhari riding :)

Oh, and Clark is finally coordinated enouth to work the peddles and ride his bike.  It's a shame he's so big... his awesome bike isn't going to last too long.  However, Lorna is just waiting for her own bike so it won't be down very long I'm sure.  Clark loves to ride and is getting better everyday!

So happy for our big Dog!

Looks like we will be a bike riding family before we know it!

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