Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cuddle Time!

Clark stopped taking naps a few months ago.  He had done so well napping for me and then he just decided he was done.  Overall he has done great with the no nap days.  Usually a kid goes through a really cranky time about 5 o'clock or so where they start melting down and you want nothing more than to let them nap so you can have some peace.  Then there is the consequences of the late nap... they won't go to bed and they are up too late and the whole thing starts over the next day.  I felt like we skipped that step for the most part so that was pretty nice :).  

Recently just after dinner (sometimes I can see it coming during dinner) Clark gets really tired.  He says he's done eating, he clears his place, he says he's tired and he goes and lays down on the couch.  Ya, he's asleep in like 5 minutes.  He's so cute and it's so hard to keep him awake that I usually let him catch a half hour nap.  The best part is that he still goes to bed at night.  He may stay awake longer, but no fuss or anything so it's hard to be upset about the late nap.

Last Sunday after dinner he did the "tired" thing again.  Jeff decided to join him (trying to keep him awake).  

Clark sure loves his Daddy.  It was fun to see them cuddling and "sleeping".  Lorna decided that she needed to be in on the fun too!

Lorna, Jeff and Clark



Cuddling :)

Ya, sleeping isn't going to happen :).  Looks like the Daddy wins... Clark isn't sleeping and he gets a nap too 

So while the kids were playing Lorna started to swing her arms around.  She looked like a swimmer warming up for a race... swinging her arms around really fast.  It was hard to get in a photo so I tried to take several.  It was pretty funny!

Just think about connecting all of the photos :)

And of course Clark had to join her!

We love our little Dog and Bug!  It's crazy how fast they are growing up!  

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