Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time for School!

We are on our second year of Homeshool and this is the end of our second week for the new year ;).  The kids have done so good this year!  I think it is just better because we have done it already.  We also have a great school space!  I didn't make them each pose for the first day or anything.... so I decided to pull out the camera and just get some normal everyday type of shots.  

Here are Talmage and Grant working.  They do a lot of their work independently and stay on task for the most part.  They each have a schedule and keep up on their work.  

Mhari has her own desk right now.  Some people don't like sharing with others (oh the joy of siblings).  Mhari is getting into more independent work.  She has most of her lessons with me and is still loving learning!  

Sandra also has her own space, for now.  She works hard and enjoys school.  I think Science is her favorite subject.  She is also taking piano lessons so that counts as some of her school time to get that practicing done.  She is doing well doing her lessons and working with me for some subjects. 

The first week of school Talmage made this chart.  All of the kids are on it and every day they start out on good.  Depending how well they are or are not working (or just attitude) they are moved up or down on the chart.  No one has made it to amazing yet, but then no one has made it to bad either ;).  It is interesting how well they have responded to it.  I need to work out some good rewards as they get to move up the chart.  I have one consequence and hoping I don't need to think up others.  

I love that the kids get to be involved with little things in our school, like finding a fun way to show how their day is going.  Talmage likes to think up stuff and I'm glad I get to encourage him.  I think the chart has helped him when he is having a harder day.  It may help him realize how he's acting and remind him to get out of it quicker than he would otherwise.  I'm sure there will be other things we do or try, but for now this seems to be working :)

Yay for back to school!  Yay for time together and learning and loving learning!

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