Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Office Space

Jeff has his own business and so that allows him to work from home.  Over the time of the business we have needed to upgrade which room is the office and also get Jeff a nice desk to make working from home for feasible.  I have been able to help him out more recently and have found that my work space is pretty limited.  We decided it was time to upgrade my desk and such.  Jeff went out with his parents and brother and came home with a new desk and an awesome new credenza (which is super heavy, just ask Jeff, Nathan & their dad)!  Everything is cherry wood so it looks nice together.  

Here are the pictures of the new set up:

My desk and the credenza.

Looking down into Jeff's desk area

The look at the room through the cool doors ;)

The office, with a bug to steal the show :)

Jeff hanging out at his desk with a little Bug and Dog :)

It sure is nice to have such a great office space!  Maybe the next upgrade will be my office chair ;)

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