Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A new game!

After playing BINGO with the family Tiffany shared a new game that her mom taught her.  They call it the M&M game, or The Suck It Game.  Sounds awesome, I know ;).  

So there is a pair of dice that goes around the table and each person takes a turn rolling trying to get doubles.  Once doubles is rolled then the person that rolled it gets the bowl of M&M's to suck up with a straw and put into their bowl (to eat later).  If someone else rolls doubles then the bowl is stolen and it's their turn to suck up as many M&M's as they can as fast as they can before the bowl is gone to the next person who rolled doubles.  See... it's better than it sounds ;).  

I got some fun shots of everyone sucking up their M&M's.  

Here is Tiffany ... starting off with the first doubles ;)

Rolling the dice


Clark's turn...

He needed a little help so Grandma helped guide his straw.

Talmage just got the bowl stolen from him ;)

Grant's turn




 Grandma working the M&M's

She was such a good sport... she started helping Clark since he couldn't get many when it was his turn. 

It was such a fun day playing games together!  I'm sure it helped that there was a lot of candy involved with the games ;).  

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