Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mhari loses!

Mhari finally lost her first tooth!  I was told last year that her tooth would probably get loose and fall out within 6 months.  Well, this one was slow coming, but it finally happened;).  This was actually her tooth that she had bonked on the cement floor when she was 3 and had cracked the root.  It actually decided to hang in there instead of dying, but it was grey.  I'm so glad it's gone, but also glad it had stuck around as long as it did.  Having a toothless Mhari for 3 years would have been hard.  

She talks with a lisp now :).  She is just so happy about being toothless!  Oh and her two bottom teeth are getting loose too.  She's going to be pretty toothless before we know it!  

It is crazy to see the little kids getting so grown up!  I know she is a strong girl and I'm grateful that I get to be here to help guide her along her path.  She is a great girl and we sure are glad we have our Punkin!

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