Monday, August 4, 2014

Our 3rd Beautiful Girl!

We finished our family with our 3rd daughter!  Lorna is a strong little thing who thinks she just belongs with everyone, which she does ;).  She has no idea she is only 2 ;).  She speaks as well as Clark (well, pretty close anyway) and has to be doing what everyone else is doing.  

True to tradition of being a baby she really loves her Mommy and Daddy :).  I don't mind since I plan on her being my baby forever!  She also loves all of her siblings and cousins and anyone else she gets to know.  Because she's so strong willed she wants to be in charge, but deals with it when she's not.  She's a little young to do the kid interview with so I will do that in the future, when she's older.  

We just love our Love Bug!

Here are her pictures:


Too funny!


Pretty girl 

Beautiful!  Probably going on the wall!

It seems like just last month she was tiny and learning how to walk and talk.  Now she's on fast forward just doing too much and being so big!  She is such a fun, silly, awesome girl!  
We love you BUG!!!

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