Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Soccer and the Trees!

Jeff was invited to go play soccer golf with some of his soccer buddies.  There is a new course open in the area and they had fun testing it out.  Jeff really had a fun time and wants to take the boys to play sometime!

During the game Jeff and 2 of the other players got their balls stuck in the trees.  They were retrieved, but this isn't as common with golf balls I'm sure :).
Jeff's ball :)
The last tree story is about the kids.  They love to climb our trees!  One of their favorite trees is the willow that is between ours and our neighbor house.  One day as Jeff was heading out for work he took this picture.  Can you spot the child in the tree?  

Mhari is at the top of the tree along the trunk!  It is crazy to see how high up she is!  I have even had a neighbor send me a message about my kids up in the trees... just to be sure I knew they were up there! 
I'm glad they love trees ... I'm also really glad they haven't fallen (yet)! 

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