Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Creating a Comet!

At Co-op this year Jeff's brother, Nathan, is teaching a science experiments class.  Last week they learned about comets and then they made one.  Afterward co-op their family usually comes over and hangs out at our house for the rest of the afternoon.  This week Nathan brought enough stuff to recreate the experiment for all of our kids, since not all of our kids are in his class.  

He set up on the back of the pickup tail gate.  The kids were all required to wear safety glasses :)

Close of up the learners :)

Adding the different ingredients to the comet

Dry ice time!

The kids really liked the dry ice.  Hard to blame them ;)

The finished comet.  We just needed to be able to launch it to get the whole effect ;)

While Nathan was doing the experiment, Jeff took a short break from working and watched from the front balcony.  That's one of those benefits from having a home office ;). 

It's fun to have some great learning activities!  I think the kids love it even more that they get to do it with their cousins!!!

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