Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Big Kid

Talmage has been growing and growing, but really, he is also just growing up.   I have noticed that he doesn't always participate in what the younger kids are doing (no snow fun for him).  Well I was walking around the house and I turned the corner to the kitchen area... and there he was, sprawled out on the kitchen table!  It just made me laugh I had to take a picture!  In my head I'm thinking, Who does that?  Oh, but who understands what the teenage brain is dealing with and why they do what they do.  I guess I can imagine sitting on the table, but laying down like a model never even occurred to me.  I'm sure it was a comfortable position which is why he was like that. 

Talmage is really just a big kid... figuring out this whole "growing up" thing :)

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