Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year with New Cousins!

OK, so not really new cousins, but Uncle Aaron and Aunt Leann came to visit and brought their 6 kids!  Our kids haven't hung out in a long time so it was great to have time together!  With Grandma and Grandpa Williams still in town it turned into a mini-Williams reunion!  They stayed with us several nights and Nathan and Tiffany a night before they headed back toward AZ.  It was so fun to see the kids play and interact.  I know Lorna and Abby had a blast together! 

We had a fun day at the neighborhood park watching the kids play :).  Here are just a few photos of the fun!

Simon, Clark, Abby and Lorna


Cool big slide fun!  The kids played pop up tag all over the playground.  It was so fun to watch!

That night the kids got out the games :).  They played a mystery museum caper game.

Clark and Simon played Life

Ira, Jonathan, Talmage, and Clayton playing Risk.  It was fun to see Talmage hang out with Ira and Jonathan.  He has really grown up over the last year.

The adults finishing dinner.  It was nice for the Williams family to have some time to hang out and bond. 
It was great to have family around to start off our New Year together!

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