Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Break time in OK

For part of spring break we went up to hang out with our friends at their cabin in OK.  Jeff had to stay home and work, but otherwise we had a great time.  It was colder than we planned so their wasn't as much outside time for the kids.  The older ones would go out and build forts and play tag so that was fun!  Most of the little kids stayed to the house.  Everyone played and even made new friends.  It is always nice to get away for a little break :)

Grant and Colton

Clark, Grant, Jackson, and Britton

Talamge and Jorgen.  He had fun teaching the younger boys how to play chess!

Lorna, Brady and Jackson

Playing on the broken trampoline

Emily, Sandra and Allison... surviving the mud!

One day someone pulled out a little dvd player ...  it was funny how the kids flocked around it like a moth to a flame :)

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