Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Robbers Cave Fun!

While we were in Oklahoma we went to visit Robber's Cave.  It was so fun to climb the rocks and explore!  Everyone got a buddy and started off.  I buddied up with Lorna :).  Here are some fun pictures!

Lorna climbing

The cave



Grant trying to get into the cave... with help from Talmage

This was a pretty steep part... fun to slide on :)


Lorna in the back of the cave

Chica climbing into the cave 


There were some huge cracks

and cliffs to watch out for!

Beautiful view

Cute girls!

Clark with Jackson

Sandra wanted her picture taken for the family wall :)

The whole group at the end of the hike. 

Me and my girls!

I'm glad we went... everyone had a great time!

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