Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two years ago today...

Our little punkin joined our family. I guess little is a relative term. She was our biggest baby at 10 lbs, but the easiest to deliver - out in half a push (I attribute that to the Dr. letting me go over by a week... the big baby, and probably the easy delivery - go figure).

It is strange to think that it's been 2 years, and yet she's such a part of our family I can't remember our life without her!

She was a beautiful baby (and I'm not biased or anything).

Today we had a small family celebration which included presents and cake.

Here's Mhari with some of the animals her siblings gave her as presents. She had a great time opening up her gifts!

Here she is playing with the toys that she got from Grandma Williams. She had a blast with them and liked "sharing" with Sandra - as you can see :).

We had little party blowers and Mhari just loved that (as did all the kids). Sandra just got Mhari in the face with it and Mhari thought that was too funny!

The official present picture. I spent 50 cents back in sept - that's it. The toys were from the grandparents.

Just finished decorating the cake.

Pictures of her new dresses.
This is a play dress that was made from an old prom dress from the thrift store. She had fun playing in it!

The bottom of this dress used to be a women's skirt... I loved it and thought it would look great on one of my daughters so I made the bodice to go with it. I think it turned out well.

The last dress (I finished it this afternoon - whew just in time). This one was from a pattern. Didn't take too long and I just love it on her - it poofs out so great! I can't wait for her to wear it to church (just because then she'll wear it all day - I'm the one who loves dresses still, I never really out grew that one).

This is to show what it's like trying to get her to pose in her new dresses. She is one character! She is so funny (at least she thinks so) and rarely does what I ask. It was fun to see her be silly, but after like 20 pictures I was a bit frustrated.

She is high spirited, determined, and filled with personality! We all just love our Mhari Punkin! She has been a blessing in our family and we have loved these last 2 years... looking forward to an eternity more!


luvmykids said...

I can't believe she is two! That was fast! Gosh, they grow too fast! She is such a sweet girl! You did a great job on the dresses too!

Machelle said...

Aaaw, she is precious Sharla.

Amber Joy said...

Those are such pretty dresses. You are lucky to have girls :)

westen and ladawn said...

Those dresses are could go into business. I'll be your first customer:). Happy Birthday sweet Mahri!

bhekkii said...

Wow, she has hair! You've always amazed me with your patience in making clothes and sewing.