Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snow Surprise!

We woke up Wednesday morning to snow flurries! It was so beautiful. The boys told me about the snow, and I figured it was just ice... nope!

It was so fun to wake up Jeff and tell him it was snowing - Happy Anniversary! (nice easy present)

Look at all that white stuff!

Jeff scraped the snow off the car so he could take the boys to school!

The boys were so happy with the snow and foot prints! Look at those smiles.

Sandra wanted to go out and play in the snow after she woke up. She was out there for just long enough to take the picture before she was too cold and was ready to come in.

It was a fun surprise, but it melted by lunch time so the boys didn't get to play in it. We might be getting more snow tomorrow though :). I like that it snows in Texas, but also that it melts and doesn't pile up for months at a time! Hopefully the kids will get more time to play in the snow the next time!


Alli said...

Fun! But it makes me shiver thinking about it. . .

EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

How fun!! I still like the idea of driving for a couple of hours, playing, then coming back to Phoenix and jumping in the pool :-)

westen and ladawn said...

How fun that your kids get to play in the snow!! I hope you had a great anniversary too!! :)