Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trimming the tree!

We decided to spend the evening getting ready for Christmas. Really, that just means that we decorated our tree (we have minimal decorations otherwise).

We inherited a pre-lit artificial tree a few years ago and it's been nice to have the tree already, although I do miss the fresh tree smell and the way a real tree feels (until it starts to dry out anyway).

Jeff got to put the pieces together, fluff the branches (ok, we all helped fluff), and fix the top of the tree where the lights had died (string more lights around the top).

Once he was done the kids were more than ready for their turn!

Let the decorating begin!!

Jeff was so good with the kids, especially Mhari! This is her first year being old enough to participate and she did so good too!




The kids did a really good job and couldn't wait to get more ornaments from me. I was slow when it came to having 4 kids to supply with ornaments with hooks all ready to go! Jeff helped get some up high for them, but otherwise they did most of the work. Unfortunately that meant that the breakables were hanging much too low and there were several areas of clumping... I fixed it after they went to bed, but it was still not that bad :).

I got to put the beads around the tree to help it sparkle. That is my favorite part :). This is a pic of me and Mhari after I finished the beads... she wanted to help, kept following around the tree with me, along with several other children.

After all of the hard work Jeff just couldn't hold out any longer...

It was a busy day at church for him and he didn't get a Sunday nap so he crashed early (before the kids even made it to bed). They are so precious when they sleep (hubbies and kids). I'm looking forward to the holidays... and lots of birthdays, there will be lots of these sorts of updates in the future :).


Tink said...

The tree looks beautiful - and those are some great shots! What a fun time of the year!

luvmykids said...

Beautiful post! I love this time of year. BTW, Jeff's talk was wonderful! It inspired us! Adam's family was talking about it all that day.