Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Kids!

Big boys still take naps with their huge stuffed dogs right?
Grant is just so sweet when he sleeps for quiet time!

The kids have really loved to "play" the piano recently. We don't do lessons yet, but they all want to learn. Sometimes it gets loud with the competing composers, but over all it's a fun experience and not too loud!

Isn't Mhari just too cute.

They always say that kids should be involved in chores....
Mhari's not too young, right? Well, she's been helping with our kitchen chores since forever it seems like. The other day I noticed that she is getting better with the big broom, not just the swiffer.

She even moved out the trash cans to be sure she was doing a thorough job! Look at her form - it's obvious she's been trained by the best.

Mhari is such a Big helper! Someday I'll have to fight her to do chores... I should enjoy it while it lasts!

1 comment:

Machelle said...

I say awesome. I always did cleanup olympics with my kids and they had to beg to do it. LOL
Bridgette and I are just too lazy now. HAHAHAHA