Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dino Hunters

Friday after school we went on a family outing to Dinosaur Valley. It is a Texas state park and has real dinosaur foot prints in the creek bed. The kids had so much fun hunting down the foot prints! It took us a few tries, but we finally did find the dino prints! The water level was pretty high so that probably didn't help our hunting. The kids liked looking at the foot prints, but I think they were more excited about the huge dinosaur statues! They had a great time running around, reading, and just having a great time by them!

Since we just picked up the boys from school Grant had made turkey hats for him and his sisters (Mhari destroyed hers in the car) so that is why in the pictures Grant and Sandra have turkey hats :).

Here are our 4 little hunters!

After all of the exploring we hung out by the car and had a dinner picnic before heading home. Talmage caught a grasshopper that was visiting us during our picnic. Man he blends in really well with those rocks!

This is the beautiful sunset we got to enjoy while eating dinner. It started off really light and turned this great orange-red color! So cool!

Here is are some of the other fun photos of the adventure!



Alli said...

Good thing that dinosaur is in that little corral, no telling what he would have squashed if he was running free!

Great pictures Sharla!

Tink said...

That looks so fun! I need to take my kids there. What a gorgeous sunset!

westen and ladawn said...

How FUN!! We need to come visit you and see all these fun places that you love by. What a beautiful sunset too!! Love the updates!!

luvmykids said...

Glad to see your dino trip turned out better than ours. We really do need to go back. LOoks like you guys had a great time!