Thursday, November 26, 2009

So thankful!

It is Thanksgiving and I wanted to recount some of the great things about today :).

The first one has to do with the food. Well, the pies actually. I love pie, but I only make it for the holidays. One of the reasons I feel that I can make apple pie is because of this handy dandy device - the apple peeler corer slicer!!

It works so great and all I have to do is cut the apples to make them small for the pie (they have been sliced all through, I just cut down them).

Another great thing about this is that my kids love to eat the peels for a snack!

What a great healthy snack - can't complain about that... even when it's just as fun to play with as it is to eat (turn it into a snake, a really long tongue... they could go on forever I'm sure).

This is the precooked apple pie - waiting for the crumb topping. See what beautiful slices it makes! I just love it! Such a hard job that I can do in minutes! I'm truly thankful for the blessings of inventions!

We were invited over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Since I didn't have to do the meal I contributed 2 pies. The lighting is bad, but one is a banana cream pie and the other the finished apple pie. Both tasted yummy.

My other wonderful blessings from the day are my sweet children. They had such a great time for the Thanksgiving festivities! Getting to go out was probably a special treat since we haven't left the house all week.
Here's Talmage trying to decide on which dessert to pick. These are tough choices when you are little!

Cute Sandra!

Grant playing with the toys!

Mhari playing with their kitty. This was the safest way to play. She chased the kitty around until dinner and then again after dinner. The kitty was feisty so doing a toy kept the kitty from playing too rough with Mhari and kept Mhari far enough away that she didn't keep trying to pick up the kitty. Man does this girl love animals!

I'm sure I could go on - it seems like a small list - food, inventions, kids...
I guess I'll add my hubby to the list while I'm here. Today he mowed our lawn. It looks so much nicer :). I know that right now is a busy time for him with finals coming up and he did it all on his own. I'm grateful to have a caring thoughtful husband who is involved with our home and family!
The real thing that I must say is that I'm grateful for the Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that I make mistakes everyday and because of his love and the atonement I have the chance to change and return back to my Heavenly Father. I also have the blessing of one day becoming an eternal family if I live worthy. I know that all of the these other blessings would mean nothing without those promises that I can have through Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for the Christmas season that is now upon us and the opportunity to focus more on Christ in our lives!
It is a great thing to stop and remember our blessings! I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Amber Joy said...

my mom was so happy to have you guys there. she loves the little ones running around :)