Sunday, November 1, 2009

Off to Never Never Land!!

We were a theme this year for Halloween - Peter Pan! We had the crocodile, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Wendy. All of the costumes were homemade (from the thrift store 25 cent day) accept the wings and the crocodile head. The kids had fun with their costumes :). Daddy got to be Captain Hook and Mommy was the mother in the beginning of the movie.

Friday night we went to the ward trunk or treat party. The kids got warmed up again for trick or treating. Mhari was good at putting her bucket up and waiting for the candy to be put in (not sure that she said "trick or treat").

For Halloween we went around the neighborhood trick or treating. We went down our street and visited a few friends houses - one that was a haunted house, no nightmares either. Their buckets were really full by the end of the night!

All ready to go!

Tinkerbell's wings :)

Captain Hook - so fearsome I know :). The trick or treaters had to get by him to get the candy :).

At the trunk or treat.

When we got home from trick or treating the moon was so beautiful Jeff decided to get the telescope down to get a better look.

It was a nice way to end the evening :).
We hope everyone else had a great holiday!!


JandA said...

I love the theme. They all looked so Cute!

JazzLad said...

You did a great job on the costumes! They look great!

Alli said...

Nice work with the theme! Great costumes Sharla :)

luvmykids said...

When I saw your kids both nights they were so proud of their costumes. Great job!

Katie Busken said...

Very cute costumes! I would love to do a theme with our family but nobody ever can agree on anything. I love the telescope!

Rice Family said...

Sharla! Those costumes look amazing! GREAT job! I can't believe how long Sandra's hair is getting!