Friday, October 30, 2009

Making Faces!

The kids had a great time making jack-o-lanterns last night! The girls had little pumpkins that they decorated and the boys got to draw their faces and help clean out the pumpkins to be our jack-o-lanterns (the parents handled the knives).

The boys were really helpful and wanted to do as much cleaning out of the pumpkin as they could. I had Sandra start helping pick out the pumpkin seeds so we could roast them. She figured out really quick that they are slimy and she didn't want to do that. Such a girl. Mhari had no problem playing with the seeds - "helping" put them in the bowl. It was a nice night, and we even ended up with two pumpkin faces!

Drawing the faces.

Grant's all done! The pumpkin is supposed to be smiling. Talmage thinks he looks scary. I think he could look like he's crying... what do you think?

Daddy was a good sport and helped Talmage with the huge pumpkin! His knife wasn't working very well either, but it worked out in the end!

Here are the finished pumpkins. If you look close at the little ones you can see the drawing the girls did to decorate them. I have a plan for the little ones (dinner experiment) and the others will go out tomorrow for Halloween! It's fun to see the kids creativity, or actually ability to participate with the tradition :).

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westen and ladawn said...

I love your jack-o-lanterns. Cute picutes!!