Friday, October 30, 2009

Counter Project

So we have been having a few family requests to post about our countertop that I (Jeff) have been constructing. It is not fully completed but I decided to post some "progress" photos. It is constructed out of 2 3/4in 4x8 sheets of plywood that I have glued and screwed together. I then trimmed them down to size: about 3x7 or so. The top surface is birch and the side trim is pine.

This counter is to replace the bar counter in our kitchen and will be about 8 inches longer and 3 inches wider. This will allow us to have people sit up to the counter if we need and to give us more work space. We have grown tired of the old butcher block cheap stuff. We have only applied one coat of polyurethane but a few more coats are up coming.

It is not perfect but in all, I think it turned out really well so far. I don't think I can make too many mistakes with polyurethane so all should be clean sailing from here on out.


luvmykids said...

I think it looks wonderful! Great job!

J and C said...

It looks totally beautiful. Where did you get the wood? I was a little worried at first about your using polyurethane, since I heard it was a no no. I looked it up on popular woodworking and they say it is okay, but that it should cure for 30 days, so that it won't leach chemicals into your food. I just thought I would let you know. You may already know that. Good luck!

Jeff said...

Wood came from homedepot. We too were concerned about polyurethane finish but this explicitly stated it was good to use on kitchen countertops. We also tend not to put much food in direct contact with the counter anyway. Thanks for the heads up though.