Sunday, October 25, 2009


Jeff's parents recently visited for Talmage's birthday. When they come there are usually several house projects that get accomplished. Not this time though. The plan was to have it be a nice visiting weekend with no projects :). Let's just say that with Jeff's desire for projects and adding in his father, who is willing to help out while Jeff is occupied with school or other such things, they found a project to do in the short time they were here.

It was a pretty quick project and just some room rearranging, but I love it all!

We have some planter shelves in our living area that have never had anything done with them. Jeff and his dad got boards to create a real shelf (instead of a top of a wall) and then trim to accent it and make it look like part of the house decor originally. They did a great job. Once the first one was done (between the living room and kitchen) Jeff's mom and I decided on a project for our other shelf area above the couch. That one was pretty easy too. Jeff's dad finished that one up on Monday while Jeff was at school and I finished the last little painting this weekend so it's all done!

The last night they were here we were sitting in the living room and talking about rearranging. With all the talk we found an idea we liked and with the extra movers to help out it got done quite quickly! Now I have a more open area, but still a nice place for sitting.... Let's just get to the pictures :).

We moved the piano across to the opposite wall, by the long couch. It fits well under the Scottish blanket. I was also able to move my rocker out to the living room!

Here you can see the love seat that is now on the red by the fireplace - so the two couches are across from each other. It creates a nice sitting space.

Once the shelf was finished I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to go on it. With the rearranging I pulled out some of the stuff in my hutch and this is what we came up with (I know you can't se everything, but you get the idea).

We really enjoy looking at our blue vases. They are so beautiful with the light behind them - they glow!

Here is the open area on the opposite side. Jeff and his dad made a shorter shelf and we were able to put up a village in that space. It turned out well. Jeff's dad finished the trim work. He did a great job!

It is really nice to feel like my home is getting finalized. Some projects might never get done, but now those empty spaces feel completed :).

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Tink said...

Wow, those projects made a big difference in really finishing out your living room! It looks great! (: