Saturday, October 10, 2009

Keep us Smiling!

Kids really are too funny. I've captured some of the cute things that the kids have done that just make me smile.

The other day for quiet time Sandra found Mr. Potato Head glasses and started wearing them. Then Mhari had to have a pair :). Sandra wore hers to the school when we picked up the boys and even brought a pair for Grant so they all could have glasses (Talmage already has them, and it seems the kids are still jealous).

Tuesday night I was playing on the computer and letting the kids play for a few more minutes before baths. Mhari came in and showed me her fingers - like something was wrong with them.

It's kind of hard to see, but the pointer fingers are red.

She's done this before with our little ABC stamps so I wasn't too surprised. Then I noticed her face!
She got her cheeks pretty good. Good thing we were about to take baths!

The girls love to play in my shoes. There is one pair that the girls tend to fight over - the black heels.

Mhari was sporting them the other day. Just too funny to see a little toddler in high heels!

So proud of herself too! One day her feet may be too big for my shoes :).

We were listening to some kid songs the other day and one of the songs has the kids act like animals. Let's just say the boys enjoyed acting this song out!

Being Chickens


and birds :)

Simple joy of playing in a box! Hard to not enjoy that! Sandra and Mhari were having a great time! Later the boys started joining in the fun. Unfortunately the box was taken away because it was not big enough and sharing started to be a problem. Oh so sad.

My girls must really be in need of dress up clothes :). Sandra started using her blanket like a dress the other day. Not too unusual, but they hadn't done it recently. Then Mhari got in on the fun with her blanket. Mhari's was more of a hooded cape though. She was adorable!

I'm really not sure how this started. Mhari can do somersaults and the other day she put her foot up like this. Too funny. Maybe she's working on yoga poses or something?!

Before school on Friday Talmage had been playing with two of his stuffed animal puppies. He tucked them in to bed and turned off the light so they could take a nap while he was gone at school. That just made me smile! I'm sure my flash on the camera woke them up though :).


Katie Busken said...

So cute! Your kids are adorable. I love the picture of the girls in their potato head glasses!

Miche' said...

Such cute kids! They are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!