Monday, October 5, 2009

The things they say..

We were on our way to the church building Sat morning to watch General Conference. I had printed off some papers for the kids to work on during it so they would have something to focus on during the talks. One of the papers is a BINGO page to mark the words the speakers say. Talmage was looking at his page and saw the free space in the middle. He then proceeded to explain that the would have to wait to hear the speakers say "free" so they could color that space :). I guess we don't play BINGO enough in our house! (I did explain what the free space is for).

Sunday on the way home from church I heard Talmage talking again: "Crayons are made of wax."
Grant said "What?"
Talmage repeated himself "Crayons are made of wax." When Talmage says crayons it sounds a little different, plus we were in the car so the extra noise, and angle of where Grant was sitting made it harder to hear...

Grant said "No, I'm not!".... thinking Talmage had said "Grant is made of wax." Too funny!

Last night the kids were playing with their stuffed animals upstairs. I heard Talmage talking about the animals needing their mate. I was a little concerned, but wanted to let them play without my interruption. A few minutes later I hear little whiny crying noises from the kids (still playing), then Talmage saying "look, another one was birthed." Now I'm a little curious about his knowledge of mating and birthing!
Kids really are entertaining! I just love them!


Miche' said...

Cute post! I can't believe you braved going to the church building to watch conference. Cute fam!

Katy B. said...

Okay, that last one had to be the best! Do you have the animal planet channel, maybe? hehehehehe
What a great mommy you are Sharla! Seriously!:)

Machelle said...

Okay, Bridgette and I are cracking up. That is some funny stuff.

westen and ladawn said...

I love that you are writing these things down. Kid's say such funny things. They are going to have so much fun reading this when they are older! CUTE post:)!