Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From skirt to Jumper

I did one of my sewing projects last Saturday. I have seen some cute tutorials doing skirts or shirts to girls dresses and figured this khakis skirt would be perfect. It was one of my 25 cent finds and it was too small for me. I figured a khakis jumper would be great for Sandra (it will meet the school dress code, for when she starts school too).

I would have done it a bit different, but I decided to try to keep as much of it intact as I could. The tie on top and the zipper in back were the key points to save. There was a pocket on the side of the skirt and slits on the side which were altered a bit.

I think I like how it turned out. I'm glad I did a wider band for the shoulders, but it would have looked fine if they were smaller. The skirt had elastic on part of the waistband (now under the arms) so that is the only part that I think looks kind of funny. I like that I can make it long so that hopefully it will last a while!

Sandra picked the jumper to wear today so I'll get a feel for how it works on her body. I'm sure by the end of the day I'll have more opinions about it, but it is nice to get a project done in an afternoon :)!


J and C said...

Love it! I love seeing the projects it is so inspiring! Good job!

Miche' said...

I love seeing what else you will create! You are amazing!

EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...


Machelle said...

very cool. I finally pulled out the sewing machine. Thanks for the inspiration!