Monday, September 14, 2009

Playing in the Rain!

It has been raining a lot the last few days. The first night it rained it was a fun surprise - seriously, I had no idea it was really going to rain and then when it did I didn't think it would be a storm! We went out on the patio and enjoyed the rainy evening. The kids played on their scooters while Jeff and I sat under the patio cover (it took Grant a little while to warm up to the wet rain, so he's not pictured, my batteries were dead by the time he got all wet).

When it turned into a thunderstorm we made the kids stay out of the rain, but by then they were soaked! After not having rain for a while it was a very welcome surprise. Since then the rain has just gotten more constant. It will be clearing out this week though.

It was really coming down in this picture!

Mhari getting soaked while riding the scooter.

Sandra and the scooter.

Saturday our primary did an activity at the Dallas Temple. It was too bad it was raining so they couldn't walk round the grounds very much. It was a good experience and besides a few sad children it was nice to go to the temple. The kids were so cute in the rain and with their umbrella that I had to take pictures :).

Here is the group shot of all the kids! We had a good turn out despite the rain.

Sandra in the rain.

Talmage Sandra and Mhari enjoying the pretty flowers

Playing with the effects on the camera... so precious!

I loved Sandra's face in this one!

Talmage was so sweet... One of the girls was standing by her siblings, but wasn't under their huge umbrella. Talmage went over and shared with her to keep her out of the rain.

Mhari had a hard time before we headed out. She was hungry... so I gave her a snack. Then she shared the snack with her siblings and she was still hungry. Hard to be little and hungry :). She ate lunch in the car so that helped a lot!

The kids were really excited about Moroni and the flowers so it will be nice to go back to the temple some time when its not raining :).


The Gee Six said...

When I saw Talmage covering Emily, I just smiled! What a sweet boy you have! Someone must be doing a great job with their kids . . . :-)

Alli said...

What a gentleman that Talmage is! Looks like fun, you can send some of that rain our way if you are done with it :)

EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

Raaaaaiinn.... sigh.... we don't get much of that here either :-)

Seeing my dear little nieces and nephews makes me smile :-) Miss them!

luvmykids said...

I am glad there was a great turn out too! Love the rainy day pictures!