Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Walk and the Park!

We didn't do anything exciting for Labor day. We had planned a house project, but that is postponed for a bit (waiting for the tile so we can tile the kitchen). Since it was a free day to play the kids decided that they wanted to go on a walk. I have been walking in the mornings before the kids are up. It turns out that everyone is sad that they don't go on walks anymore so they planned a walk for us. It was a pretty warm day, but it was good to spend time with the kids. I pushed the girls in the stroller and the boys rode their scooters. It was good exercise to push that stroller!
We walked to a park nearby and the kids played. At the beginning the boys only wanted to ride their scooters all over. Then they started playing. There are ducks at the park and we shared some crackers with them. Someone was walking their dogs and the kids got to pet them so that was a treat also(no pics, sorry). It was a nice morning and it did tire out the girls for naps. Those boys seem to have endless energy though!

Here go the boys.

Grant had to bring his tiger to the park. He had fun bringing him all over the playground!

Talmage of course also had an animal. He said his little puppy had never seen the outside world before. Too funny.

The girls did really well together. They loved going up and down the slides. Mhari can do almost anything the others do so she was very busy.

Sandra learned how to do her first fire pole at the park. Well, after she went down Mhari wanted to go down, but she wouldn't reach out and grab the pole, she just grabbed the bars by the entrance to the pole. That seemed to work quite well for her though. She grabbed them and got her feet off and her hands slid down the poles til her feet were close enough to the ground and she let go. I was never fast enough to get a picture though!
Here is Mhari trying to go up the strange ladder thing. She did really well, but I did help on this one. She really does think she's all grown up!

The kids are fun and they seem to really enjoy planning our family adventures :). While we walked and played Jeff mowed the lawn... it was a good morning :)


westen and ladawn said...

Cuter kids...I love your updates!

Machelle said...

Im gonna have to start walking in a few months to the park. HOW FUN