Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Family trip to the Zoo!

Last Saturday we made it out to the zoo as a family. Jeff has only been with us a few times at the zoo so it was a treat to be together enjoying the beautiful Fort Worth Zoo! It was a nice cold overcast day - perfect for being outside for several hours! We had a lot of fun and the kids really loved seeing all of the animals. 

This was also Mhari's first time being old enough to enjoy the animals. She had a great time! It was a nice relaxed day and all the kids got to spend lots of time with/looking at the animals!

They had fun seeing if Jeff was taller than the elephants, getting the birds to get on the stick, watching the penguins, all the wild cats, seeing the animals in the petting zoo - petting an armadillo, and even petting sea creatures (I'm sure they would add more to this list!). By the time we were done the girls had zonked out! We had a great time spending time together and enjoying the zoo!

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westen and ladawn said...

HOW FUN!! Those are great pictures of your family!! It makes it especailly fun when dad can go to.