Sunday, November 15, 2009

True Texans!?

There are a few stereotypes that you think of when you hear of least I do. The most prominent in my mind are the longhorns on the cars, gun racks, and large cow pictures in the house. Yesterday we took care of one of the three listed above. We got a cow picture. We have actually had it for a while. I took the photo of a Scottish Highland Cow when Sharla and I went back to my mission in 2002. Quite a while ago a friend of ours enlarged it to a 24x30 size and then it has taken me way too long to make a frame for it. I couldn't come to spending the cash to do it. So I made one out of oak planks...

This is the back of the frame. They were some pretty big planks. The whole mounting cable thing was a bear to devise given the limitations of materials and tools. However, so far it is still hanging so it is a success.

We wanted to hang it up stairs in the family room. We have wall space up there. Our original intent was to put it above the T.V. but the picture was a little too big. So we decided to move across the room and put it there....

That meant we would need to displace our photo of the 2nd coming of the Savior. It is a small picture for a big wall. While taking down His picture, Sharla asked if it was bad that we are removing him from our walls, being so prominent, and replacing it with a cow picture. I said I think the Israelites did that a couple of times and got into trouble.

So in an effort not to be sacrilegious we decided not to take Him down but merely to "move" Him to just above the T.V. where he used to be. The theory is that we now have Him to look at while we watch movies. You will notice he is hung really low (reused the old nail holes). The T.V. didn't used to be there. We have just not put Him up higher yet.

Here is our Cow (pronounced C-ooo)

Now all I need to work on to be 100% Texan is a Big Truck, call it Gunther, with big longhorns and a gun rack to go with it. Maybe I'll graduate from school first for those.

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