Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daddy's little helper!

Mhari has been such a big helper that I couldn't help but take some pictures :).

Jeff was securing down the new counter top with L brackets and Mhari was right there to give assistance!

Here she is helping hand over the screw driver.

Daddy let her push the button on the drill. She really liked "helping" with that!

I think Jeff had some problems when she got a little too involved... hard to get in there with a punkin on your lap :). Let's just say that she's very dedicated to her work!

Here are just some cute pictures...

Playing in Grant's shoes. She was very happy with herself!

Daddy sharing his hat. Must build in the fan base while they're young :).

We love having Mhari around and she is an amazing helper! She is growing up too fast!

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partypooperspoyfair said...

I love having Mhauri in our nursery! She is the youngest but the most helpful out of them all. She is so cute and I am so happy that she will now come up to me in nursery and want me to hold her!